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LEAP 4000X SITM is a tomographic atom probe microscope which pr-ovides nano-scale surface, bulk and interfacial materials analysis of simple and complex structures with atom by atom identification and accurate spatial positioning. It is the only instrument that provides both quantitative composition and atomic scale 3D elemental mapping of chemical heterogeneities in a materials in a material.

The sample for analysis is prepared inthe form of a sharp tip (radius =10-150 nm), usually by electro chemicalprocesses or by lift  out using Focused Ion Beam (FIB). The tip is maintained ata low  temperature (20 K to 50 K) during analysis to avoid surface migration of atomsand. LEAP series atom probe incorporates new sample preparation geometries the prefabricated microtip™ arrays, which greatly enhance the throughput.

Function Spec.

The LEAP 4000X SITM has adetection efficiency of ~57% for pure Al at a specimen temperature of 20K. Ithas a larger field of view up to 250nm in diameter, a higher acquisition rate of> 2M ions/minute. Its analysis chamber vacuum is ~ 1.0x10-11Torr. Its UV pulse energy is in the range of 1-1000 pJ. Under laser pulsing, awide range of materials including brittle materials, semiconductors andinsulators can be analysed, with a mass resolution of ~1:1000 (FWHM). Itslateral and depth resolution of the instrument are about 0.5nm and 0.1nm,respectively.

Characterization of Semiconductor Chip Dopant B distribution in a FinFET sample prepared by FIB

Microalloying effect in an advanced Al-Cu alloy
Characterization of Al2O3- reinforced CuNano-composite

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