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Operating Principle

Features and benefits of the METTLER TOLEDO


• Amazing sensitivity – for the measurementof weak effects

• Outstanding resolution – allowsmeasurement of rapid chan-

  ges and close-lying events

• Efficient automation – reliable samplerobot for high sample

  through put

• Small and large sample volumes – formicrogram or inhomog-

  eneous samples

• Modular concept – tailor-made solutionsfor currentand futu-

  re needs

• Flexible calibration and adjustment –guarantees accurate

  and precise measurement results under all conditions

• Wide temperature range – from -150 °C to 500 °C in one


• Ergonomic design – intelligence,simplicity and safety facilita-

  te your daily work

Examples of thermalevents and processes that can be determined by DSC:

Melting behavior, Curing, Crystallization andnucleation, Stability, Polymorphism, Miscibility, Liquid-crystallinetransitions, Effects of plasticizers, Phase diagrams and composition, Thermalhistory, Glass transitions, Heat capacity and heat capacity changes,Reactivity, Reaction and transition enthalpies, Reaction kinetics,Purity.


• Temperature range: -150 °C ~500 °C

• Temperature accuracy : ±0.2 K

• Temperature precision : ±0.02 K

• Heating rate : 0.02 ~300 K/min

• Cooling rate : 0.02 ~50 K/min

• Sensor type : FRS 5 with 56 thermocouples

Extremely Wide Application Range

Differential ScanningCalorimetry measures the enthalpies associated with transitions and reactions  and the te-mperatures at which these processes occur.


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