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Date: 2015-04-23Browse: 653

Quanta 250 FEG SEM



Technical Highlights   技术要点

Addressing the need to investigate a wide variety of materials andcharacterize structure and composition, the FEI Quanta TM FEG providesunmatched flexibility to increase both performance and versatility to handlethe challenges of today’s wide ranging research needs.

View any sample and get all the data: surface images andcompositional images can be combined with accessories of determining materialproperties and elemental composition.

Featuring three imaging modes-high vacuum, and ESTEEM, itaccommodates the widest range of samples of any SEM system.

These instruments are engineered to provide maximum data-imaging andmicroanalysis-from all specimens, with or without preparation.

Characterization of both traditional samples from metals, fracturesand polished sections, to non-conductive soft materials.

    Nano Characterization  纳米特性

Metals & alloys, oxidation/corrosion, fractures, welds, polishedsections, magnetic and superconducting materials

Ceramics, composites, plastics


Geological sections, minerals

Soft materials: polymers, pharmaceuticals, filters, gels, tissues,plant material

Particles, porous, materials, fibers

Highvacuum image—metal surface after corrosion

Excellentperformance at low acceleration

voltage, image taken at 200 V

    Essential Specifications   参数规格

      Electron Beam resolution High vacuum

1.0 nm at 30 KV (SE)

● 2.5 nm at 30 KV (BSE)

3.0 nm at 1 KV (SE)

      Accelerating voltage: 200 V to 30 KV

Probe current: 200 nA, continuously adjustable

Magnification: 14 to 1000000 x

    Comparison between BSE and SE images in low vacumm

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