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Date: 2015-04-23Browse: 594

Agilent Nano Indenter G200



Features and benefits

Award-winning, high-speed Express Testoption compatible with all G200

  indentation DCMII and XP heads, and stages.

• Simple determination of indenter areafunction and frame stiffness.

• Accurate, repeatable results compliantwith ISO 14577 standard.

• Electromagnetic actuation allowsunparalleled dynamic range in force and


• Conigurable for optimized routine testingor new applications.

• Modular options for imaging scratch,high-temperature, and dynamic testing.

• Outstanding software with real-timeexperimental control, easy test protocol

   development, and precision driftcompensation.


• Semiconductor,thin films, MEMs (wafer applications)

• Hard coatings, DLC films

• Composite materials, fibers, polymers

• Metals, ceramics

• Lead-free solder

• Biomaterials, biological and artificialtissue

The Nano Indenter G200

Cross profile topography plot

3D graph from Survy Scan

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