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Date: 2015-04-24Browse: 919

Orion NanoFab Helium ion microscopy

设备介绍  Introduction

HIM provides an effective way to image withhigh resolution better than 0.5 nm, large depth of focus and superior sensitivity to

surface detail, due to the sub-nano probe provided by Helium ionsource. As a cutting tool, HIM can produce the smallest line

width of 5 nm,which is much smaller than that of 20 nm produced by FIB. Additionally, thereis less damage to sample during

cutting by Helium ion probe than FIB due tolight weight of Helium. It allows the processing work can be done at higher magni-

fication in HIM.

功能参数 Functions and Specifications

Outstandingmodification capabilities

Helium lithography

Drilling nanometerholes

Gas deposition /etching

Nano-pore creation

Graphene milling

ComparisonHIM to FE-SEM

Higher resolution, <0.5 nm

Larger depth of focus

Superior sensitivityto surface detail

Observing dielectricsand biomaterials directly with the help of charge neutralizer

ComparisonHIM to FIB

Much smallerproduced linewidth< 5 nm

Lower damage to sample

The strong materialcontrast allows imaging of low-z materials on the ORION

This interaction detail isshown in the single walled carbon nanotube image seen here.

Large depth of focus, superior su-rface detail andexcellent material contrast are all evident

in the OR-IONPLUS high resolution image of Tinspheres with evaporated G-old islands

This is graphene (1 to 3 sheets) suspended over holes inan SiO2 substrate. The region was patterned with the ORION helium ion beam to produce the 5 nm graphene nano-wire, shown here.

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