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Date: 2015-04-23Browse: 1100

TitanTM G2 60-300球差校正型透射电子显微镜

Introduction   设备简介

We are trying to increase our understanding of materials by linking the macroscopic properties to the structures at the smallest level of detail, even down to atoms. However, thetraditional high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) image isnot atomic image due to servious delocalization caused by spherical aberration.With Cs-corrector, the Titan™ G2 60-300 is the most powerful atomic resolution scanning transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) with the large stacceleration voltage range of 60 to 300 kV for 2D and 3D material characterization and chemical analysis.

Functions and Specifications   设备功能

All functionsin tranditional transmissionelectron microscope can be realized;

Flexible high tension from 60 to 300 kV(60, 80, 120, 200, 300 kV);


80pm performance in TEM mode;


136pm performance in STEM mode;

SymmetricS-TWIN objective lens with wide pole piece gap design of 5.4 mm and space to

domore’ allowing the use of special holders such as heating, cooling, dual-axistomography and

STM/AFM holders;

Tiltrange ±40 degrees foranalytical double tilt holder to orientate the maximum amount of zone

axis ofone crystal in polycrystalline material. With tomography holder even ± 80 degrees to

minimize themissing wedge in 3D reconstructions;

Field-freeimaging (< 2 Oe) in Lorentz mode with 2 nm resolution for magnetic propertystudies;

TrueImage focus series software forquantitative HR-TEM applications;

TheMultiLoader is available to minimize the initial drift after sample loading andmaximize your


Z-contrast image of precipitates in Al alloys

Cs-corrected HR-TEM image of precipitate in Al alloys

Application Examples 应用实例

Necking between Au Nano particls,CS-corrected Titan@300kv

Reconstructedphase (enlarged)


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