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Nanostructured Glassy and Crystalline Materials

Date: 2015-01-26Browse: 1234

 Nanostructured crystalline and nanostructured non-crystalline materials with new kinds of atomic structures and properties. The focus of this research field is to pioneer new methods of synthesis as well as new methods of characterization and/or improving our present understanding of all kinds of nanomaterials and their mechanical, electrical, magnetic, optical or catalytic properties.


Internal structure of 3D bulk nano-graphene illustratinghe interactionwith ions

in the electrolytefor tunablemechanical stresses and electrical conductivity.

(Adv.Mater. (2012), DOI:10.1002/adma.201202289


Two dimensional structural model of a nanoglass consisting off our

glassyregionsconnectedby fourinter-glass interfaces.




Examples of electrolyte-gated printed field-effecttransistorsbasedoninorganic

nanoparticle and nanowire structures (ACSNano,5 (20119628)


Intensity distribution behind a disc located ina cluster beam if Classical

Physics (red line) orif Quantum Physics applies

(blue line, Poissonspot in the center of the “shadow”).




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